Medal Bronze 101

Medal Bronze 101


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Medals that Commemorate Success

Our medals are a testament to perseverance and victory. Available in various designs and finishes, they are ideal for sports events, school competitions, or any celebratory occasion. Each medal is a mark of honor, recognizing the hard work and dedication behind every achievement. Luxury Medal Epoxy Medal, Gold Medal, silver Medal Bronze medal Antique finish


our medal are made of zincalloy and well finished to show luxury medal look
Finish Options: Available in Gold, Silver, and Bronze finishes.
Design Features: The medal features a decorative stock mylar insert designed with brilliant colors, capped off with a soft epoxy dome.
Customization: Each medal comes with a premium customized digital print lanyard, which can be designed as per your preference.
Medal Specifications:
Finish: Shiny Gold with elegant pattern borders.
Diameter: 6.5 cm.
Thickness: 6 mm.
These medals are ideal for recognizing achievements and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your event or presentation.

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